headshot-richardRichard Alarcon, 22, 5’7”, Orthodox, Lakewood (4-0-0-0), bantamweight
Alarcon is 22 years old and comes from Lakewood where he trains at Team Oyama. His fighting style is grinder/finisher. His biggest ambition is to be among the top 10 UFC fighters at the 125 lbs. weight class.

Samuel AlvarezSamuel Alvarez, 20, 5’11”, Orthodox, Manteca (4-0-0-0), lightweight
Alvarez is a 21-year-old MMA fighter from Manteca where he trains at MVP Martial Sports (associated with Cesar Gracie Jujitsu and Felipe’s Boxing). His background is boxing and jujitsu. He hope is to live his dream managing and promoting MMA fighters.

isaiahIsaiah “Purps” Batin-Gonzalez, 28, 5’10”, Orthodox, Milpitas (8-3-1-0), bantamweight
Batin-Gonzalez is 28 years old and comes from San Jose.  He trains out of Dark Horse Gym, Inc.­, home of NorCal Fight Factory to perfect his style to unleash all of his “fighting tools,” while training through the “toolbox” of his opponent.  His ambition is to fight in the UFC for the belt.

headshot-vinceVincent “The Wild” Bordi, 25, 6’1”, Orthodox, Manteca (10-1-0-0), light heavyweight
Bordi trains out of Cortez Martial Arts facility (associated with Felipe’s Boxing).  He is 25 years old and lives in Manteca. He describes his fighting style as a “power forward utilizing boxing and grappling.” His ambition is to fight in the UFC in three years. 

David DurantDavid Durant, 28, 6’0’, Orthodox, San Diego (5-0-0-0), middleweight
Durant is 28 years old and is originally from Pensacola, Florida. He currently trains at The Arena out of San Diego, CA. His 5-year goal is to be an MMA professional champion.


Edgar DuronEdgar Duron, 20, 5’6”, Orthodox, San Clemente (6-0-0-0), featherweight
Twenty-year-old Duron is from San Clemente, where he trains at USSD Martial Arts. His main fighting style is kempo (a balanced combination of traditional Japanese karate and Chinese kung-fu) and jujitsu. In five years he hopes to be surrounded by a strong team of training partners and coaches while successfully fighting for a professional organization.

headshot-angeloAngelo “Kilenum” Henry, 24, 5’10”, Orthodox, Marina (9-6-0-0), light heavyweight
Henry is 24 years old and was raised in Seaside and Marina. He is a freestyle fighter who can adapt to any situation in the cage. He compares his style to water — he “flows with his opponent.” In five years, Henry hopes to be pursuing a pro career while running his own gym. His greatest dream is to make a critical change for the better in what he describes as his “overlooked Central Coast community.”

Nikko JacksonNikko Jackson,
22, 5’9”, Orthodox, East Palo Alto (13-5-0-0), welterweight
Jackson is 20 years old and comes from East Palo Alto.  He trains at the Gladiators Boxing Gym with his father, Eugene Jackson, UFC pioneer and retired Strikeforce Middleweight Champion. Jackson fights freestyle and his greatest goals are to be a successful UFC fighter on the rise for a title shot and to start a family of his own.

Jesse JamesJesse “The Outlaw” James, 22, 6’3”, Orthodox, Fresno (3-0-0-0), middleweight
James is 22 years old and comes from Fresno where he trains at the Fresno Fight Club (FFC) and the Thrive Mixed Martial Arts training facilities. He hopes his well-rounded fighting skills will take him to the next level to fight professionally. 

Richard LeRoyRichard LeRoy, 23, 5’9”, Orthodox, Camarillo (6-1-0-0), lightweight
LeRoy is 23 years old and comes from Camarillo. He trains at Sityodtong LA located in Pasadena. He likes to “push the pace” and looks to “finish fights at any time, whether standing or on the ground.” He hopes one day to fight professionally in the UFC.

headshot-andrewAndrew “Worst Case Scenario” Mostowa, 27, 6’3”, Orthodox, Moorpark (8-2-0-0), Welterweight. Mostowa is 27 years old from Moorpark. He trains at Sityodtong LA located in Pasadena. His fighting style is muay Thai and Brazilian jujitsu. In the future, he wants to make a name for himself fighting professionally.

Juan OrtizJuan Ortiz, 5’8”, Orthodox, Watsonville (2-2-0-0), Cruiserweight




Richard ParraRichard Parra, 23, 5’6”, Orthodox, Oceano, (10-6-0-0), featherweight
Parra is 23 years old from Arroyo Grande where he trains out of The Pit, a professional mixed martial arts association and training camp.  He is an accomplished freestyle/stand-up fighter with hopes of fighting professionally in a big show.

Josh PowellJosh Powell, 30, 6’3”, Orthodox, Bakersfield (5-1-0-0), heavyweight 




headshot-matthewMatthew Ramirez, 20, 5’5”, Orthodox, San Jose (6-0-0-0), flyweight
Twenty-year-old Ramirez began competing in Tae Kwon Do under the coaching of his father when he was 6 years old.  His biggest dream is to continue to grow as an athlete and find success as a professional.

Myles ShawMyles Shaw, 29, 5’10”, Orthodox, Modesto (7-2-0-0), cruiserweight
Shaw is 29 years old and hails from Modesto where he trains at the Dynamic Mixed Martial Arts facility.  His fighting style is boxer/jujitsu.  In five years he hopes to obtain his black belt in Brazilian jujitsu and fighting professionally for a high-level organization while opening his own martial arts academy.

Richard TreasRichard Treas, 32, 5’10”, Orthodox, Modesto (5-1-0-0), heavyweight 




henrichHenrich Wassmer, 23, 5’5”, Orthodox, Los Angeles (4-1-0-0), flyweight
Twenty-three year old Wassmer was born in Sylmar and raised in Highland Park.  He trains out of three facilities: Fight Academy Pasadena, Strikers Inc, and 10th Planet Jujitsu. Although considered a well-rounded fighter, his main fighting style is muay Thai. His greatest dream is see himself listed among the top UFC champions.